Mozilla 2017 Barcelona Workshop [#mozl10nBCN], 25-26 March 2017

Гоце Митевски


We took part in the 2017 Barcelona Workshop [#mozl10nBCN] and spent a productive weekend in Spain, thanks to the Spanish Mozilla community.

We worked on the localization of Firefox Aurora and the initial version of our Style Guide.

Communities at work – photo by @BennyBeat

Being together with many other Mozilla communities at betahouse, was a great chance to share experiences on keeping the community alive and attracting participation from new members. We also talked a lot about the challenges we face, when there’s no community activity and the possible ways to overcome those challenges.

Group photo by @BennyBeat

Mozilla Spain, especially Alba González Fuentes and Benet R. i Camps, thank you for being fantastic hosts.

See you next time.

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